Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why “Real” Jews should not Root for the Yankees (Even if they live in the Bronx)

The New York Yankees remind me of the Czars who ordered the Cossacks to attack Jews in the shtetles of Russia. Now that maybe somewhat over the top - but I want to get your attention. I just cannot understand why Jews would want to be Yankee fans. The Yankees are the Establishment - they are the Elites, the aristocrats, the people born with a silver spoon in their mouth, from the Manner Born, or as Ann Richards said of George H.W. Bush- “he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.”

Now “real” Jews know from experience and our history - that type of Elite status is not our Jewish experience. Throughout history we have been victims. That is why we, as good Jews, should root for the underdog. And the Yankees are never underdogs.

For heaven sake, the Yankees have not won a World Series (unfortunately that may change very soon) for 9 years and they think it is the end of the world. We Jews LOST our Temple over 2,000 years ago! Now that is a losing streak to be proud of.

I know what you are thinking. What about Israel? Are we not the top banana now? Not exactly. What other country in the world after 60 years are still considered by many in the international community as illegitimate. In short - a pariah. And pariahs should not root for a team who thinks they are entitled to a championship every year.

So Please, my fellow Jews, come with me and root for the Cubs, the Pirates, and dare I say the Mets. Losing (with some occasional, brief, but wonderful wins) is our destiny. Let us embrace it. Let us not embrace our natural enemies.

And I know I will be vilified for this, but believe me when I say that rooting for the Yankees can lead to assimilation - heaven forbid.